White Paper on Terrorism

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The issue of fake terrorism charges and the unjust arrests and defamation of the Indian Muslim community, especially since 2001, is the biggest challenge facing the community ever since. A grand conspiracy hatched by the powers that be, IB, Police and media, has sullied and defamed our community. This campaign has affected our lives, peace of mind and has thwarted our efforts to progress and educate our children to join the national mainstream.

Our efforts so far to present our case, to bring out our innocence and force the national and state governments to listen to our grievances have mostly failed. All we have received are a few words of solace which have no real meaning and have not changed the situation on the ground. Our children by their thousands are still languishing in jails on the basis of fake confessions obtained through torture and blackmail.

As a long-term solution and a serious response to this problem thrust upon us, The Milli Gazette & Pharos Media decided last year to bring out a white paper on the Muslim-related “terrorism” in the country. The work is going on with all seriousness and many researchers, scholars and journalists are busy preparing writeups on various aspects of this issue, covering the history, genesis, communalism, vested interests in various related fields, analysis of various laws like TADA, POTA and UAPA, fake encounters, narco tests,  torture, acquittals, IB & Police role, media attitude, case studies, statewise surveys, SIMI, “Indian Mujahidin”, Hindutva terror, individual tragedies of victims, Azamgarh, Bhatkal, Malegaon, Darbhanga “modules”, some basic documents, etc., etc.

The target is to bring out this white paper during the next seven months and to release it in a big convention at Delhi as a combined effort of major Muslim and civil rights organisations, and thereafter present this huge document of over 600 large format pages to politicians, media, human rights organisations, especially outside the country, in order to enlighten public opinion at home and abroad as well as to build pressure on our blind and deaf government.

The estimated cost of this white paper is Rs 35 lakh divided as follows: Rs 15 lakh cost of preparation and payments to contributors plus six months’ salaries to researchers and experts; Rs 15 lakh for designing and printing the document in a world-class format; while the grand convention at Delhi will cost at least 5 lakh. Effort will be made to release the White Paper in some state and world capitals also.
You can help this effort in four ways:

  1. To buy copies of the White Paper on Terrorism in advance to help defray part of the huge cost of research, printing, publication and distribution of at least one thousand complimentary copies. The estimated price of the white paper is Rs 2000 per copy in India. You may place an advance order by paying Rs 1000 only per copy in India including postal charges). Payments for the copies may be made to The Milli Gazette, D-84 Abul Fazal Enclave-I, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025. Email: edit@milligazette.com. Individuals and organisations ordering a minimum of 100 copies in advance will be included as Sponsors of the White Paper.

  2. Contribute to the cost of the grand convention to be held at Delhi to release it.

  3. Donate your time: If you are a scholar, researcher, journalist: join our team for a few months working in our Delhi office or from your own home to complete this project – write to the Editor, Milli Gazette now at edit[@]milligazette.com.

  4. Contact us if you have vital information/documents about this issue.


Please drop an email to books[@]pharosmedia.com to be informed about the release of this White Paper.